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Job Seekers Nationwide Complain About Inability to Identify and Contact Employers in New and Growth Industries

"I need to get out of telecommunications and into an industry that is growing, where it's easier to find a job with potential. But I'm hard put to find companies like that to contact. How do you find them? Where do you start?" This is a common complaint of job seekers nationwide, contends ITS in Denver.

Thousands of job seekers visit our websites each month, many of them to take advantage of the free services they can get there, including a free resume analysis and a comparison of how they stack up to their competition in more than 200 different characteristics. In the course of helping them, ITS routinely asks them what their biggest complaints are about job seeking in general.

"People in many industries today feel a strong need to take the initiative and start making inquiries in some of the more promising industry segments that have created the bulk of the good new jobs in recent years," observed Gordon Rubinstein, Vice President of ITS in Denver. "Not only do they have no idea how to go about identifying these firms. They also don't know how to point out the similarities to their existing industry, in order to give themselves credibility," he added.

"We've had databases available for years that make it easy to identify these companies. More important, three years ago we advanced the state-of-the-art with our Industry Characteristics Profile. It spells out in detail where your industry is similar to dozens of others. With it, you can build immediate credibility in any new industry."

ITS services address all of these issues for clients we serve.
My achievements are not measurable. What can I do?
My career has peaked. How will that affect my job search?
I need to change my career. How do I reposition myself for a new job?
I've changed jobs too often. How should I handle this in my job search?
Competitors did better than my firm. How should I handle this delicate issue in interviews?

My education is unrelated to my experience. Won't that hurt my job search?
I've been an entrepreneur too long. Will that limit my opportunities?
I'm going back to my former occupation. Will that harm my job search?
Job Seekers Should Complain About 'Hidden Market' Access, says ITS
My high salary may be a turnoff. How can I avoid this potentail problem in interviews?

I lack leadership experience. How can I overcome that?
I have no line experience. How should I handle that in my resume?
Writing Job Search Letters is Major Burden and Complaint for Job Seekers, According to Recent ITS Survey
I need increased income. How should I approach that in interviews?
My job history is narrow. How can I get around this in my resume and in interviews?

I must have confidentiality in my job search. How do I handle that in my resume?
I don't have a college degree. How can I avoid rejection and get the new job I want?
I've been passed up. How do I handle that in interviews?
My last company performed poorly. How do I address this in my resume and interviews?
I have questionable references. Will this be a liability in my job search?

I have a short work history. How can I avoid rejection?
My jobs have all been similar. Will that adversely affect my job search?
I've been in small firms. How can I get large firms to consider my experience?
I recently changed positions. Will that be a problem in looking for a new job?
I was recently let go. How should I handle this issue in my job search?

My experience may be too generalized. How can I get around that in my resume and in interviews?
I've been in one firm too long. How can I beef up my resume and avoid this problem?
I may be too old. Could this be a problem in interviews and my resume?
I may be overly specialized. Won't this be an issue in my job search?
My experience doesn't match my goals. How can I get the new job I want?
My job title isn't impressive. Can I do something in my resume to avoid this problem?

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